You are a parallel entrepreneur (running more than one company), then why not manage them all!

Gaurilla makes it super-easy to manage all your businesses under one single account.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and land on the screen where you select the workspace.

  2. Click on Create New option in front of Company.


  3. Now fill the details as follows:


    1. Fill in the company name, which you want to add to your account.

    2. Mention the address of the corresponding company in the company address field.

    3. You need at least one financial year to work in. Add initial financial year for the company in the financial year field.

      Pro Tip: Try to keep the financial year name in terms of years like 2013 - 2014. It would be helpful for you to recognise the right financial year later in reports.

    4. Select the base currency in currency option. It is usually the one in which accounting is to be done. Also, if you want to use specific currency sign for this curreny, you can do it through currency sign option right beside it.

  4. Click on Create button at the bottom right of the form to add the company.