Let's record the money we just earned

You can record any kind of money that comes in using this process. Whether it is a payment to the invoice you have sent or any indirect income like interest in bank.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace.

  2. Click on the Transactions >> Incomes option from the main navigation bar in the left.


  3. Click on New button available at the top right corner.


  4. Now fill in the income form as follows:


    1. Either fill in the name of the income or select the client from which you have received this money. You can fill both too but at least one of them is required.

      Pro Tip: In case of a payment against an invoice, click Pay against an invoice and then follow along.

    2. Select the mode of income & provide a suitable reference number.

      Pro Tip: For example, if you received this money through cheque, you might want to record Cheque Number as reference number. Or for receiveing money through PayPal, Transaction ID becomes a good candidate for reference number.

    3. Mention the date on which the income is received and the total amount of the income.

    4. Select the category of income.

      Pro Tip: Make more categories if required, as you can generate report of incomes grouped by these categories.

    5. Select the account in which you received this money. You can think of this account as your bank accounts or the "Cash In Hand".

      Pro Tip: Make more accounts if required, as you can generate report of incomes grouped by these accounts.

    6. You can write the note, which is any piece of information you wish to associate with this income.

      Pro Tip: Write anything that you want to remember for this income.

  5. Click on Save to add the income.

    Pro Tip: Now onwards, this income is visible in the list in Transactions >> Incomes section.