The soul of accounting

We understand how journal transactions can be a must-have for your business requirements. And Gaurilla have got your covered.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace.

  2. Click on Accounting >> Journals option from the main navigation bar.


  3. Click on the New button at the top right corner and a Journal Entry form will open.


  4. Now fill that form as follows:


    1. In Description field mention about the journal entry to be done.

    2. In Date filed mention the date of entry.

    3. In Transactions mention transactions as follows:

      1. In Account field select the account in which the transaction will affect.

      2. In Description field describe about the transaction. It is not required. Just a place to fill in more fine-tuned description, if there's any.

      3. Now fill the transaction amount for selected account either in Debit or Credit depending upon the transaction.

      4. Click on Add button to add more accounts which all will be affected by that particular transaction.

    4. Once done, click on Save button to add the journal entry.

  5. Added journal entry can be seen in the list of journal entires on the page in which you will be redirected.