Got to make a similar invoice as something already created? Simply make a copy of it.

If your business sees similar kind of invoices going to your clients, making them from scratch everytime doesn't make any sense. Gaurilla helps your to create an invoice from existing invoices.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace.

  2. As you land on the dashboard with all sort of options around you, click on the Slips button which you will find just below the dashboard icon (the red G).


  3. Filter the invoice, quote or proforma invoice and locate the slip you want to clone.


  4. Click on More >> Create a copy in the bottom-right corner of the slip and the confirm your action by clicking on Yes.


  5. A copy will be created and the newly created copy will open up. You can then click on Edit to make some changes (if any), or you're done!