Store people who would give you money ;)

Clients are the people who would give you business. These are your customers.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace where you wish to create a new client.

  2. Click on the People >> Clients from the main navigation on the left.


  3. Click on the New at the top right corner.


  4. Now in the New Client pop up window, fill the name and other details like address, city, state and PIN.

    Pro Tip: Only Name is required, rest all is optional.


  5. If you want to add any contact associated with this particular client write its name and phone/ email. Then, click on Add button to associate it with this client.

    Pro Tip: If you know any individual person at the client's company, it is highly recommended that you add this person as contact with the client as it will allow you to send slips to this clients easily.

  6. Click on Create button to save that client in your client list.