Tell them what exactly the invoice would look like without affecting your accounts

Proforma invoice is a document that you give to your customer that clearly states how much she owes you, for what and on what terms but it doesn't affect your accounts. Creating a proforma invoice in Gaurilla is very simple.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace in which you wish to generate a proforma invoice.

  2. As you land on the dashboard with all sort of options around you, click on the Slips button which you will find just below the dashboard icon (the red G).


  3. At the top right corner the New button is what you are looking for in order to generate a proforma invoice.


  4. The new slip window will have all the options to enter all the details which you need to specify in order to generate your proforma invoice.

  5. The slip type is checked to invoice by default, so click on Proforma Invoice to make a proforma invoice. Also, the next proforma invoice number and today's date will be filled automatically. Of course you can change these. Simply click on these to edit.


  6. Select the client you are dealing with in context of this particular proforma invoice or you can add a new client by clicking on the Create New button. (Click here to know how to create a client/customer).


  7. Fill in the Gate Pass Number & Purchase Order Number with corresponding date (if needed).

  8. Now you need to fill in the items for which you'd be invoicing your client. You need to select the item(s) for which the current proforma invoice is being generated followed by the description, price and the quantity. Or if the the item is not in the list, you can create a new item by clicking on Create New button. (Click here to know how to create an item).


  9. In the Others column, mention if any other addition or deduction that needs to be done on the price like that of Courier, Discounts etc. For each other, there are three options, which precisely lets you control what has to be done.

    Pro Tip: When applying a discount, you would choose options Subtract, Before Taxes and either Flat or Percentage as per need. Or when adding shipping charges, you would choose Add, After Taxes and most probably Flat.


  10. Mention the terms which should be there on the proforma invoice in context of the product or the service. The default terms, which will be by default pre-filled next time, can be saved from the Terms option in the Settings icon.

    Pro Tip: The terms of Proforma Invoice are same as that of Invoice.


  11. In Adjustments section select a tax scheme to apply on current proforma invoice or add new tax scheme by clicking on the Create New button over the drop-down menu. (Click here to know how to create a tax scheme).

  12. Now, select the word notation, in which profroma invoice would be created.

    Pro Tip: Indian Notation includes notations like Lakhs, Crores, etc and Standard notation includes notations like Millions, Billions, etc.


  13. Your proforma invoice is almost ready for the creation and you will see the total amount of your invoice in the right panel. Round off the total as per your wish using the options available and your proforma invoice is ready!

    Pro Tip: None will not round off the amount, Natural will round of naturally to nearest one, Up will round of to next nearest one and Down will round off to previous nearest one.

  14. Once done, click on Publish to see the proforma invoice.

    Pro Tip: Send this customer a hand-written note to say thank you for the business. She'd feel nice. :)


  15. Once you have created your first proforma invoice, you get several options on the top-right corner to act on the proforma invoice.

    Pro Tip: Using the envelope icon, you can send this proforma invoice directly your client's inbox without even leaving Gaurilla. Go ahead, try it out.

  16. The proforma invoice we have just generated will appear in the Slips window for future reference and making payments.