Send your clients invoices in their currencies

Why bother your clients to all the conversion? Also, why even bother yourself? Let Mr Gaurilla do it for you.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace.

  2. Click on the + Invoice button from the Dashboard to start creating a new invoice.


  3. Fill in the details for the invoice, you'd like to the created. Just like you'd normally do when creating an invoice.

  4. Just before the total, you'd see area to change the currency of the invoice. Select your preferred currency and enter today's exchange rate for that currency.


    Pro Tip: Exchange rate is the rate at which foreign currency will convert into your base currency. For example, if your base currency is INR (Indian National Rupees) and you are invoicing in USD (US Dollars), this rate is the value of 1 USD in INR. Google exchange rate base currency to foreign currency and you'd get to know what to fill in.

  5. Once done, click on Publish button and the invoice (normal or recurring) will be created in that particular currency. All your accounts will be updated in your base currency only.