Your expenses, grouped by vendors

You can generate a detailed report of all the expenses grouped by vendors. Of course, the report can be printed or downloaded as PDF for offline access.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace.

  2. Click on Reports >> Expenses By Vendor option from the left main navigation bar in the left.


  3. Select the Vendor for which you want to generate the report using drop-down, select the period for which you want to generate the report and click on Generate to generate the report.


    Pro Tip: If nothing is passed in either From or To fields, the report will be generated for whole financial year for which the workspace is selected.

  4. Click on Summary Report button at the top right corner of the window to view the summary of all expenses through all vendors. From and To date can be used to filter the result between a time frame.


    Pro Tip: You can easily toggle between detailed and summary report using this button.

  5. You can print the generated report using the Print button and download it as PDF using the PDF button.