Show off time!

With Gaurilla, you can claim your own branded client console. Using a client console, you can give a URL and credentials to your clients, using which they can keep track of their invoices at their own convenience.

Your client console will be located at

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace for the company whose client console you want.

  2. You will find an option Get An Username at the top left corner right next to Dashboard. Using this, you can get a username at which your console will be located.


  3. Click on it and a small window will pop up asking you the username yau want to claim. Please note that this username cannot be changed in future.


    Pro Tip: It gives a good sense to your clients if the username is similar to your brand.

  4. Once done, you will get a branded client console for that particular company. Now, grant access to your clients whom you want to have access to your console.