Grant access to your clients and give them convenience

Sometimes, it feels tired to send invoices to your clients. Gaurilla brings you client console. Get your client console and grant access to your clients, and it's done!

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace for the company whose clients you want to grant access.

  2. As you land on the dashboard, click on People >> Clients option in the main navigation bar.


  3. You can use the client filter adjacent to main navigation to filter out client whom you want to grant access.

  4. After filtering out client, click on the Grant Access at the bottom-left corner of the client to create her credentials.


  5. A window will pop up asking you Email and Password. Fill both the fields and click on Save to complete the granting process.


    Pro Tip: Email and password you assign your client will be its login credentials in client console, so it would be easy for your clients to remember if you fill in their own email address.

  6. Once done, your client is granted access to client console.

    Pro Tip: Edit Access option can be used to edit the Email and Password of a particular client and Revoke Access option to revoke the access from a client.