Traveling? Schedule your invoice in advance and forget about it.

You can schedule an invoice in advance, so that it can be created automatically without bothering you. Here's how to do it.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace in which you wish to generate an invoice.

  2. Click on the + Invoice button from the Dashboard to start creating a new invoice.


  3. Fill in the details for the invoice, you'd like to the created. Just like you'd normally do when creating an invoice.

  4. Just before publishing, mark the checkbox as checked which says Is recurring?. Once checked, a small window underneath it will be revealed, through which you can schedule it.

  5. Now fill in the recurrence details as follows:


    1. In Start date, fill in the date on which you want it to be created.

    2. Next you have to fill Every, which sets the interval after which the copy of recurring invoice to be created. TO schedule an invoice, which is to be created just once, this doesn't really matter, so fill in anything. How about filling in 1 Day? Put anything.

    3. Now, to end the recurrence, we have to be careful. We want this invoice to be created just once, so choose After count, and fill in 1. This means, that the creation of invoice will stop after one creation, which is what we want.

  6. Once done, click on Publish button and your invoice will be sceduled.

    Pro Tip: Get a client console, and grant access to your clients to your console, so that they would automatically see the generated invoice in their account.