Send them invoice right from your Gaurilla account

We all have a hard time managing email. Let's have one less email to manage. You can send invoices directly from your account to your clients.

  1. Login into your Gaurilla account and set the workspace.

  2. Go to Slips option of main navigation bar in the left side.


  3. Click on View option of the particular slip which you wish to send as an e-mail.


  4. In the top-right corner, you'll see an envelope icon, click on it to send the invoice as email.


  5. Send the email as follows:


    1. If there are people in the invoice, they will be listed out for you select one or more recepients.

    2. In case you want to send to additional person, select the checkbox next to Send To and fill in her name and email.

      Pro Tip: If you want to receive a copy of the invoice in your inbox as well, fill in your details in the addtional recepient.

    3. Write an addtional message you want to send in the Note area.

      Pro Tip: It's good to say something personalised to your clients. After all, happy customers are the single most important factor of growth.

  6. Finally, click on Send to send the email. The invoice will be sent attached as PDF to the email from your email address. Nice, no?